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Bluff Park Sun Room Renovation


Bluff park before & after

We recently had the pleasure of updating a unique sun room in Bluff Park! The homeowners loved the natural light coming from the existing large floor to ceiling windows, but did not love that over time the windows had begun to leak and cause damage to the house.  They decided a complete remodel of this space was in order. One of our favorite projects in this home was restoring this gorgeous fireplace!

Below you can see that we extended and refinished the ceiling, added recessed lighting, replaced the windows, updated the fireplace, and replaced the floors! 

These brand new windows still let in tons of light, but keep the moisture out!

We also updated the exterior of this space. Around the new windows we added siding and below we added some character to the space by adding a stone finish.  We love how this new exterior look highlights their gorgeous pond and garden!